Disguised in Nature – Bianca Buitendag and Johanne Defay

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“This film might end after here, but the journey will definitely continue” Says Bianca Buitendag. “I am super blessed to have this life and to share it with such an awesome person. Australia is one of the safest, most beautiful and cleanest places in the world, but with it comes a cost. I feel very restricted here and I feel like there is no space for freedom; freedom to express and freedom to create. Back at home there is a lot of passion being expressed. Some of it illegal like graffiti art or standing in the back of a bakkie with your hair blowing in the wind. Here is Australia there is a lot of passion, but no freedom to express – but in the same breath, this coastline is packed with surf”

“When Bianca and Johanne contacted me at the beginning of the year and told me they wanted to create a girls surf film in Australia, I was immediately keen to create something different to the norm – something honest.” Said, Dan Mace the film’s director, who wanted to contrast the comparison between how male and female surfing is represented.

And that’s the gist of it, Disguised in Nature is driven through the authentic narration of Bianca Buitendag and Johanne Defay. Two members of the highest echelon of female surfing on the world tour and united in a love of creativity, travel and sport. 

“I surf because I can’t do without, it’s like you got the best feeling when you get out of the water. No other sport makes me feel like this.” Says Johanne Defay “Last year I qualified for the CT, everything feels possible for me now. Living with Bianca and seeing her good results really inspires me. She is always here for me and I’ll always be here for her.”

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