Tracey Emin, Gavin Turk, Sir Paul McCartney, Nick Walker and many others create exclusive artworks for Surfers Against Sewage.

This year Surfers Against Sewage (SAS) has secured the support of an illustrious cast of established and up-and-coming artists for a key campaign fundraiser: Drawing Boards Cutting Edge Surfboard Art for Surfers Against Sewage (SAS). Some of the UK's most celebrated artists have generously given up their time to design unique works of art on some of the most environmentally friendly surfboards currently available in the UK.

Whether you are interested in urban art or inspired by graphic design, a massive Beatles fan looking for a one-off opportunity to get your hands on Sir Paul McCartney's artistry or a collector of the work of the original Young British Artists, this auction holds something for you.

In the wake of Banksy's meteoric rise to fame, the last few years have seen the rapid expansion of the urban art scene and this collection includes stunning unique works from emerging artists including Nick Walker, Beejoir, Pure Evil, Eine and Mau Mau.

As part of the infamous "Young British Artist" set, contributors Tracey Emin and Gavin Turk don't really need any introduction they are simply some of the best-known contemporary artists to emerge from the UK in recent times. As with all the surfboards, their pieces are original and unique, and should whet the appetites of collectors and art aficionados worldwide. They are joined by leading British artists Jonathan Yeo, Conrad Shawcross and Annie
Kevans amongst others.

SAS has ensured that all the surfboards used in the collection have the smallest environmental impact possible. Each board has been made with Homeblown's Biofoam* and glassed in Eco-comp UV Resins**. These Biofoam blanks and Eco resins cost the same as their 100% petro-chemicals
counterparts, but these boards consist of more than 50% organic material. And, weight for weight they are proving stronger than traditional surfboards.

These unique artworks will be auctioned as part of Bonhams world-renowned Vision 21 auction on 22nd October 2008. The Vision 21 auction will be held at Bonhams' Knightsbridge salerooms and consist of a select collection of contemporary art and design, including SAS's 14 eco-surfboard artworks. SAS is delighted to be partnering with such a prestigious auction house, which will help attract the very best international interest the collection.

Please visit www.sasdrawingboards.co.uk for the full auction catalogue of surfboards and for further information on the artists.

SAS Board Director, Hugo Tagholm says: "SAS campaigns aren't just about sewage and aren't just for surfers' they encompass much more, including marine litter with the recent award-winning Return to Offender initiative. Drawing Boards uses the latest in eco-surfboard technology, highlighting sustainable materials, and hopefully influencing surfers around the world into making the greener choices when it comes to surfing equipment. These days you can buy not only greener surfboards, but eco-wetsuits, recycled leashes, organic surf wax and much more. These choices don't just apply to surfers - all recreational water users can make choices to ensure their chosen sport is as environmentally friendly as possible."

Consumption of unsustainable, un-recyclable products is a dead end that often stops in the ocean. Millions of tonnes of plastics and other waste materials make their way into our seas beach year and SAS are campaigning hard to make sure that the companies responsible for this marine litter take additional steps to ensure this is a dying trend.