Endless Summer: The Evolution of Surfing Exhibition

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Drop in on The Endless Summer Surf Evolution Exhibition at The Royal Cornwall Museum in Truro, and explore why we have grown to love surfing just as much as we do. An insightful display of the very best surfing memorabilia is on offer until 17th March 2014 - what better way to celebrate and commemorate our favourite pastime than to see where it all started from.

There will be interactive exhibits, film, photography, profiles of surfers, paintings by artist Kurt Jackson and boards from private collectors, including from ex British and European champion, Nigel Semmens.  Images and vintage magazine covers will be included from renowned surf photographer Alex Williams, showing how the sport has changed and developed since the early 1900s.

The exhibition was developed by Plymouth City Museum & Art Gallery and shown there last year, but has some special Cornish additions, including key surf boards from local surfer and collector Al Lindsay that represent the importance of shaping, design and manufacture in Cornwall from the 1960s to the present day. Films will include an early piece of surfing footage from Cornwall (circa ‘68) that hasn’t been shown before and film of artist Tony Plant’s beach art, which was shortlisted for the London Surf Film Festival 2012. There will also be a live link to surfing website Magic Seaweed which will stream surf spots from Cornwall and around the UK.

Museum Director, Hilary Bracegirdle said: “It is important for the Museum to represent Cornish culture in all its different forms – and let’s face it, surfing is one of our star attractions and an important feature of Cornish culture. I am sure local people and visitors to Cornwall will enjoy finding out more about something which plays such a big part in the everyday lives of so many in our region.”

Over the summer, along with lots of fun family activities at the Museum, a surf photography competition will be launched, supported by the popular surf clothing brand, Finisterre and Fistral Surf School. Throughout the year there will be other special events to compliment the exhibition.  October will see some exciting Big Draw activities and plans are underway for a ‘surf-posium’ at the Museum, which will include a Surf Film and Lifestyle discussion with one of TV, newspaper and radio’s most popular film critics. 


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