Hazza Timpson’s Lakey Peak Stint

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Hazza Timpson’s Lakey Peak stint was two months of tough training. Upon his return he popped in to Light Colour Sound HQ looking all confused clutching his Mac and the boys decided to offer a helping hand with post production.

“I was there for two months in total, quite a long time but it’s so good!” He told us. “The wave itself is the most ripable little skatepark, I knew that Reubyn (Ash) goes there a hell of a lot and it doesnt take a genuis to work out how well he surfs. He said that it’s by far the best thing to do for your surfing and he is definitely right.”

“Progression is easy on a mechanical waves were you get almost the same section every time. If you fall you get another wave to try again. The vibe is super chilled-out, everyone is friendly and cheerful not many places like that anymore.”

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