How to Prep for a First Time at Pico Alto with Adur

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You are off to Peru. Thing is you have to be there yesterday.

How do you prep for a Big Wave World Tour (BWWT) event at Pico Alto in Peru when you have never been there before and the event starts in a few hours?

Adur Letamendia has been called up as the injury wildcard for the BWWT’s first event of 2014, and will be the only European surfer in the competition. Arriving in Lima last night (Wednesday) he gave us a brief run down as he bumped his way on to the event site at Punta Hermosa.

Adur, tell us how you got to be here?

“After my 4th place in Punta Galea last year, I ended up ranked equal 13th by the end of the year. The all new ASP Big Wave World Tour is comprised of the the top 12, and for each event they add six international surfers (Kelly, Makua, Fletcher etc.) and six local surfers. Like I was in Punta Galea and that was my in. Shane Dorian will not commit to the tour, and Alex Gray is injured, so I’m taking his spot as one of the world’s top ranked 12.

The tour has two seasons: Southern Hemisphere (Chile, Peru and S.Africa) and Northern Hemisphere (Spain, Mexico and Jaws in Hawai). This is the first event of the 2014 season which starts in the Southern Hemisphere winter before heading north.”

So are you ready?

“I hope so! I’ve got everything with me, my 10 footer is here and my inflatable device is here too. My board is a Pukas 10ft big wave gun shaped by Mikel Agote and originally designed by Grant Twiggy Baker. It weighs 12 kilos and I still haven’t tried it. I also have the Patagonia inflatable vest that is amazing.”

[Current BWWT champion Twiggy obviously knows a thing or two about boards and it was the event he won at Punta Galea (Spain) which gave Adur his 4th spot finish and entry into this Peru event.]

How’s the preparation been with these few days notice you’ve had?

It’s hard to focus on big waves on July 1st. It’s summer for us so the body is not used to heavy sessions.

There are 4 key things when surfing big waves:

1. Your head space
2. Your body
3. Equipment
4. And spot/wave knowledge

I’m good at points 1 and 3, not that good in point 2 because of lack of surfing lately, and have no clue about Pico Alto

Good thing is I call half the tour friends, which is great when facing this situations. We first got an email from Peter Mel on friday. They where monitoring Chile and Peru they told us to book both flights.

The wind was bad for Chile (some surfers still wanted to run the comp in chile anyway I heard!)  So I bought my ticket on Monday, flew Tuesday, arrived here Wednesday, and will hit the water Thursday. When the event starts.

We will have a surfers meeting today at 7pm peruvian time. And Thursday at 7am the contest should start (which is 2pm European time).

Tune in live here.

Gonna be a long road. © 2014 Pukas

Thanks to Jamie Brimacombe

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