Hurricane Arthur's Narrow Window

Chris Hunt

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Despite being somewhat short lived, Independence Day 2014 presented the East Coast with fun, punchy waves courtesy of Hurricane Arthur.

Buoys off North Carolina saw a pulse of 16ft @ 13 second that built steadily throughout the day on the 3rd. Meanwhile in Southern New Jersey, the swell peaked at around midday on the 4th swiftly changing from a weak East swell to a more solid 11ft ground swell in the space of just a few hours. Those who blinked missed it.

The ever shapely banks of New Jersey made for some particularly handsome looking waves, whilst further down the coast in the state of North Carolina saw something more playful looking to be enjoyed with the added benefit of warmer water, but by the early hours of the 5th the swell had disappeared just as quickly as it had arrived.

There may have been an abundance of rain and wind undoubtedly making celebrations for thousands rather wet this year, but for surfers up and down the coast, July 4th was a good day to be in the water.

If you have photo evidence of a better session you had during this swell, upload it HERE.

Chris Hunt

Writer and Content Manager at MSW