IBA Pipeline Pro 2011

PRO bodyboarding returned to Hawaii's North Shore with Pipeline (event one of the 2011 IBA World Tour) kicking-off in clean two metre waves.

Standout performer on day one was USA transplant, Brian Wise, who spun and rolled his way through a marathon day. The former finalist (1996) was clearly stoked to be back in the competitive arena and registered the day's highest individual wave score, an 8.75 out of a possible perfect 10.

Behind the scenes everyone involved has been burning the midnight oil to get this new-look, livecast tour up and going so it was a bit disappointing to see the recent run of epic Pipe swells back off in tandem with the competition's kick-off date. Opening the season with a bang would have been epic.

Good news is that there looks to be a good bump to finish the comp on. You can check it all out HERE.

Ed Temperley

MSW editor. Instagram @edtemperley