Introducing the San Diego Surf Film Festival

From the shores of California and New Hampshire to the Patagonian Coast of Argentina and Chile, the recently released film line-up for the San Diego Surf Film Festival 2014 represents a wide variety of cultures and surf destinations around the globe. The 32 international films were chosen by a six-member screening panel and are sure to enrapture all those who purchase a ticket.

The 2014 SDSFF will be held May 7-10, 2014 at Bird’s Surf Shed in San Diego, a world famous restored quonset hut filled with an impressive collection of historically significant surfboards and artifacts. In its third year, the San Diego Surf Film festival is the largest of its kind in the United States and one of the largest in the world. Last year’s event attracted more than 2,000 people. Festival organizers expect more this year.

The venue.

The venue.

Besides stellar surf cinema, SDSFF 2014 will include dozens of filmmakers and producers in attendance, Q&As, a filmmaker panel and workshops, an amazing surf art gallery, surf legends and shaping demos, a beach cleanup and expression session, incredible live music, live art and after-parties.

“I am really looking forward to our third year of the SDSFF because it seems to keep getting bigger and better,” said SDSFF director Pierce Kavanagh, who created the festival with his wife Petra in 2010. “Our incredible lineup includes 32 stunning films from around the globe, 12 of which are having their world premieres at Bird's Surf Shed.

Filmmakers are coming in from all over the place to take part in our festival, and that means a lot to us. We are here to celebrate the independent filmmakers who spend countless hours on the beach to bring us back their amazing films simply because they are driven to do it.That, combined with the outpouring of support we receive from the local surfing community, guarantees another SDSFF not to be missed.”

Supporters of the San Diego Surf Film Festival include AV Concepts, Daphne’s California Greek, GoPro, H20 Trash Patrol, Patagonia Cardiff, and Bing Surfboards.

You can find the full schedule HERE.