J-Bay Billabong Pro

AT one point event director, Mike Parsons, was in danger of losing his fingernails as four days of the holding period ticked away without a single round being surfed. Relying on the promising forecast proved to be correct as the whole J-bay Billabong Pro was completed in only three days of pumping surf. Was it the event of the season? Without a doubt. The best of all-time? That's an individual decision but it's definitely up there. Joel Parkinson deservedly emerged triumphant but really the true surfing went down in the earlier rounds. Here we have a four part highlight package of the whole event - watch for 10 point rides from Joel Parkinson, Michel Bourez and Dayne Reynolds, plus Kelly Slater's four 9 point rides in one heat.

Highlights - Part 02


Highlights - Part 03


Highlights - Semis and Finals


Ed Temperley

MSW editor. Instagram @edtemperley