Jobe Harriss Escapes to Portugal

Portugal is a mere hop, skip and jump from the UK, making it a tempting treat for any Englishman sick of his local environs. Jobe Harris followed the carrot was rewarded with some solid barrels.

"I’ve done a lot of trips to Portugal over the years to train," says Jobe. "The waves are generally good through winter either down in the Algarve or up around Lisbon/Peniche. Although it’s not too warm, it’s definitely a cheap, welcome little break from England.There are so many different types of waves compared to say, the long open beaches of South West France. Whatever the weather and swell throws at you, in the Peniche zone there always seems to be somewhere with a bit of shelter around the peninsula. The variety of waves is also a big bonus. You've got super hollow punchy beachies in Supertubos and Carcavelos, fun waves like Lagide, and then points and slabs down south in Ericeira.

This last training trip was more focused on getting comfortable with the chunkier waves. England doesn't really get the raw swells like they do over there and I haven't really had that much experience in bigger barrels. It was a good chance to try and get my head into those heavier waves and sketchy situations, and also try out my step-up boards."