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Trekked through some wild seas to get here ... The Cape © 2014 Shield/WPS

The Cape had so of the best banks ever, but too small, so we towed in to one footers then bodysurfed for about 200-300 yds on some of them after diving off the boards. Crazy.

Benji Wetherley broke his nose when his board hit him at the end of the session as we were both riding one board! Trevor Hendy who’s 6’3” rode my 5’4” on a few and loved it. Jimmy O’Keefe, Tom Servais, Shieldsy, and our friend Jacko joined us and most everyone got a few waves.

Benji with a pound of ice on his nose at the pub ... Ow © 2014 WPS

It was a hell ride upwind on skis to get there made all the worse when we arrived to small surf, but we made the most of it and the erosion on the ride up revealed some pretty crazy earth below that you don’t normally see. Colours I didn’t know existed in sand, from pinks to blacks, reds, oranges, yellow and everything in between. I hit the shore and collected some for keepsakes.

Bodysurfing the sandbar earlier with Benji ... The Cape © 2014 Shield/WPS

Finally I watched the Coldplay gig in Brisbane last week, which was an amazing production. Chris Martin headed down one day to see the event but it had been cancelled for the day - just shortly before he arrived. He spent time watching the free-surfing instead and we couldn’t talk him into joining us and our best 300 friends at the Superbank running into Greenmount.

I didn’t quite have the success I was looking for in the event, obviously, but it was a first for me and quite enjoyable riding my own shaped equipment. Maybe it was a good thing I lost early and it’ll throw ‘em off the scent for a while should I have some success with it in the future. 

Everyone seems to have their opinions about my choices but that’s just fine.  They’ve gotten me here and I think that’s ok for now. If you’re not a genius I guess you’re a fool. I’ll tell you what, I almost couldn’t steal my board back off of Tom Carroll the other day. Might need a safe to put ‘em in shortly if he’s around too much. 

I don’t want that heavy back foot stomping my tails down before I can lay a few turns on rail without getting back from of the ding shop first. Small man, heavy foot. Just watch him drive. I’m off back to CA now. Back to the drawing board and having some fun. 

Bye for now, KS

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