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All Photos: Shield/WPS

Meanwhile, on the other side of the island ... as the Search event ran in almost record time ... as victor Bruce Irons held aloft his spinning globe trophy ... some of the most epic free surf sessions of the year have been going down.

Yep, even the losers get lucky sometimes, especially when we’re talking about getting bumped early from surfing events in exotic locations.

That’s what happened when Taylor Knox rocked up with fellow Round 2 loser Pancho Sullivan and mate Jamie O’Brien, and scored what the Keramas warung owners were claiming as the best day of the entire season.

With all the regular locals taking off to watch the contest at Ulus, for seven long hours there were never more than seven surfers in the water and Taylor in particular went to town on the place.

And the show continued this morning when Jordy, Luke Munro and Roy Powers arrived in a fleet of Toyota Kijangs and finished off the job.

LUCKY SEVEN: Seven people for seven hours, seven wave sets at seven feet. Pancho and Taylor made the most of their early exit and did some searching of their own.


WIND FREE: This place has a tendency to be lashed with onshores around mid-morning but not in the last 48 hours: the trades have stayed pretty much dead the whole time.


CORAL & STONE: Sure, it looks like a beachbreak, and it's not far from a river mouth, and come to think of it, it breaks just like a pointbreak ... But the way the lip throws, this place is all reef, baby.


PURE GRIT: With the nearby Wos River bursting it's silted black sandy load all over the beaches here, tourists are prone to burn the soles of their feet on the boiling sand. Jordy has been digging the windward side of the island so much, he couldn't give


BALI HIGH: This place has only really been surfed for the last five years, invisible from the road, it was first uncovered by curious travellers stopping off and wondering what was behind the paddies and palms, as they made their way to Padangbaii to get


IMAGE BANK: Yesterday the ratio of photographers was out of the ballpark, seven photogs for every pro. You can expect to see some amazing shots of Pancho and Taylor everywhere in the coming weeks.


CROWD REPELLENT: Reckon Taylor's stoked with the crowd situation? A couple of days back he paddled out with Mick at one of the world's most crowded locations and for some strange cosmic reason everyone got out of the water then as well.



POCARI SWEAT: Gatorade runs a distant second to that amazing Asian superdrink in the blue and white can with the horrible name. An icy cold can of this wonder elixir and you'll be putting in seven hour sessions like these boys.


SUPER POWERS: Matching Powers with power, Hawaiian lad Roy puts in his best work when waves draw off reef. No need for hand stalls when the curtain unfurls this quick.

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