Lance’s Hts Lodge - Our Off Season Is More Consistent That Costa Rica’s Surf Season

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Lance’s HTs Lodge Preserving The Stoke…All Seasons

Lances Right © 2014 MS

Lances Right (HTs) is simply one of the world’s most perfect and consistent Rights. Your air conditioned villa and the dinning room and bar have a perfect panoramic view of the wave and the blue lagoon just a few steps from your plunge pool and terrace.

Seen on the Beach at Katiet © 2014 Andy Hayes

Rooms are large and beautifully furnished. Speedboats give you access to the legendary Lances Left break just across the peninsular ..... or take a mountain bike and a short trek overland and see these waves the way Lance Knight did 20 years ago.

Lances HTs Lodge Bedroom © 2014 PT OMI

With just 4 two room villas, you will be sharing this beautiful place with a privileged group in a relaxed and private environment. This wave machine can deliver an astonishing number of perfect barrels every day.

Pool sand and sea © 2014 Andy Hayes

* Superb white sand swimming beach a few steps from your villa

* 16 surfers in four private Villas. There will normally be 10 - 12 surfers at the resort at any given time.

* We specialize in family groups and there are plenty of activities to keep non-surfers happy.

* Air conditioning to all rooms. A spacious tiled bathroom adjoins rooms.

* Splash pools and bar in front of each villa overlooking the surf.

* Home style cooking, fresh percolated Sumatran coffee, whole-meal bread baked daily, lots of fruit and organic vegetables, a mix of western and spicy local dishes to suit your taste.

* A modern alloy speed boat on site. When the winds swing on-shore, our boat can take you to Lances Left. (subject to conditions)

* Right and Left surf breaks just a few mile apart. Lance’s Right (HTs) has been rated one of the top 10 waves in the world. Lances Left right is one of the most consistent breaks in the islands. Both hold 4-5m swell.

* Surf coaching is available by arrangement. Intermediate to advanced.

* Transfers aboard in air conditioned cabins on Lautan Megah for comfortable overnight crossings direct to and from Lances Lodge. (Options and rates, click here)

* Mountain bikes for island exploration.

* Dining and lounge pavilion directly in front of HTs surf break. No other resort dinning room and bar is closer to a top 10 world class wave.

* Transit at a private mountain top bungalow at  Villa Air Manis in Padang. (optional - extra charges apply)

Lances Balai & Pool © 2014 Andy Hayes

m e n t a w a i : : f u s i o n ™

Or consider our m e n t a w a i f u s i o n ™  packages -
One week in Eco Bay+ One week expedition to the south Mentawai breaks on Lautan Megah. That way you will get to surf all the name breaks during your stay:

Macas Left
Rags Left & Right
The Hole & Discos
plus many many more. For descriptions of the top 33 waves in Mentawai visit “Top 33 Waves”


Lances HTs - How perfect is that! © 2014 Kin Kimoto

Lance’s Right or Hollow Trees, more commonly referred to as “HT’s” has been voted one of the top ten waves in the world. Mentawai veterans call it the office… they like to park in the keyhole and surf all day… and call that a job! The wave wraps 180 Deg and actually breaks almost due south after bending, warping and amplifying around the south tip of Sipura. A freak of nature and a very special place. Wide sets can be fat and easy to make but everything else is fast hollow and almost mechanically perfect. The screamers across the reef can reward and they can punish. A wave to elevate your surfing skills if you can face the drop and believe in yourself.


Lances power © 2014 Pat Wheaton

Lance’s Left is one of the best known destinations in the Mentawais. It is world famous for consistency and quality combined with variety. Three main take off zones can be working on the same day with as many sections that barrel and on the best days connect all the way through. The end section is so inviting that almost everyone gets tempted to try it. Dont. The canyons will get you on low tide and you can end up in a washing machine on high tide.


Bintangs Right delivers more fun per meter than most waves you will ever surf. It is short and sweet. On days when the hell north winds blow everything out, Bintangs shines. Located over the bay from Lances Left, it can be reached by mountain bike and a beach walk or when conditions are safe, by speedboat.

Tiger Tales Inflight Magazine © 2014 Tiger Airlines

Tiger Airways fly Singapore to Padang on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays. http://tigertales.sg/2008/11/01/surfers’-paradise/

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