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An interview with a champion of log riding, Adam “Bearman” Griffiths, with questions from his friend and shaper, Luke Hart.

I feel as though Bearman needs a proper introduction before I start going on about the size of his head. He’s a decorated professional longboarder (booooooo) currently 2nd in Europe, and a previous winner of the English and British titles, but for me his real strength as a pro surfer comes by way of riding anything with a fin and getting seriously barrelled on it. Whether it’s 2 ft Fistral Beach or 8 ft Thurso, Bearman is a stand out when it comes to riding inside the guts of a keg. Effortless style and with a nose for the take off zone, he is certainly one to watch if you want a mindsurfing test pilot when the waves are hollow. A good friend of mine, with a fat head and an affiliation to anything board shaped, Adam ‘Bearman’ Griffiths has just been on a trip to the warm water and rum soaked beaches of Barbados. We caught up with him to see how it all went. Enjoy.

Bearman doesn't limit himself to log riding, especially when there are hackable sections around.

Hello Bearman, how’s it going bro?

Yeah, good thanks mate.

So where did the name Bearman come from? Is it because you have a bear sized head?

Well I am originally from Totnes, Devon, so I grew up surfing Bantham. But all you (Cornish) boys seem to associate Devon folk with fat heads. Bearman came from Jim Bergin and Tim Boyell on my first trip to Indo with all the boys and kind of stuck. The saying was “Bearman likes juice,” as I was a pretty large teenager (who must have liked juice?)

Classic, OK, so give us a brief insight into Adam “Bearman” Griffiths the surfer. What’s your deal man?

Well I like to surf all different kinds of boards really! I compete on a international level on the longboard but also love riding a shortboard when its pumping.

Barbados proved such a romantic destination that Adam popped the question to his girlfriend, Holly Reed, at the end of the trip, receiving an answer in the affirmative. Holly also shreds on a log and filmed the edit above.

You don’t mind sniffing out a barrel or two. Had fun this winter?

Yeah, I had a great winter managed to score some epic waves. I had some epic session at home, but I was lucky enough to escape for a couple of weeks to the warmer waters of Barbados.

Ah yes, Barbados which brings us nicely on to what we are supposed to be talking about, your recent trip over. How was it?

Well it was my first trip to the Caribbean and it is a amazing place. Super cool vibe and fun waves. It was a really slow season for North swells for the whole of the Caribbean but I still surfed every day, even if it wasn’t pumping every day. It was good training for the longboard season this year. I have spent the last three winter trips in central America with just shortboards trying to get a few tubes.

So mostly on the mal then? What can people expect if yet wanted to go over there? Cheap? Good selection of waves?

Yeah, surfed the mal loads. It’s pretty much at least 2 foot plus every day at South Point and then there’s always soup bowl. That was at least head high every day. Good variety of waves. It’s not that cheap, but if you search about you can do it on a limited budget. It’s perfect if your taking your missus on a trip. I went with my Girlfriend and came back with a fiancee, pretty crazy!

About time Beardoggy. You will never do better than Holly mate. Let’s be honest she is a ten. Right so cheers for talking with us bro. Can you sign off the chat with a little intro to your clip? Also any shout outs you have. The floor is yours.

Ha, yeah, she is epic, she even filmed all of the footage on the edit. She surfs pretty good her self as well. The Edit is by Tronic Pro who was also in Barbados and is a legend for putting the edit together; I can’t thank him enough. I would also like to thank my sponsors and friends, Fourth surfboards, Oneill Wetsuits, Wingman, Ocean arc watches & Newquay Surfing School .

Interview by Luke Hart. Answers by Adam “Bearman” Griffiths.



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