Twig Baker is Mavericks Invitational Champion

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This live blog attempted to keep up with the happenings from the Mavericks Invitational.

The Final is Won by Grant ‘Twig’ Baker

This drop scored Twig a 10 and the Mavericks title.

Twig takes it, he is not easy by any stretch of the imagination in that blustery south east win against a field of legends. “Two of my favourite surfers in the world were in that heat, Greg Long and Shane Dorian.” Said Twig “To beat them is something else.” He then told Flea he was gunning for his three Mavs titles before reiterating “We do this because we love it.” 

When we said fast start we mean Twiggy has and 9.3 and a 10 in the bank according to the scoreboard. Tyler Fox just scooted off Twig’s wave giving him a double shaka, great spirit out there.

Twig makes a fast start to this hour long final, Dorian detonates a megaton of class and Greg Long drops deep into a wave which he nearly out runs but instead gets mown down and rolled towards the rocks. Waving away the ski he wears another on the head before he is finally collected by the ski. What a final this is turning into.

And we are live and trading amazing waves, gosh, these must be the best big wave surfers in the world.

Shane Dorian, Twig Baker and Greg Long will meet Tyler Fox, Anthony Tashnick and Ryan Augenstein in the Mavericks final. Live soon (2:40 PM if we had to guess). Shame we can only have one winner.

Semi Final 2: Greg Long, Grant “Twig” Baker, Shane Desmond, Shawn Dollar, Zach Wormhoudt and Kohl Christensen

And the finalists are: Shane Dorian, Twig Baker and Greg Long.

Suddenly a set, the biggest of the heat, and guess who Dorian swoops in. He always catches the biggest waves (if they arrive) during a session. Can anyone stop the trio of Shane Dorian, Twig Baker and Greg Long from making the final? We have no live scores making that a huge guess.

Shane Dorian never gets bored of doing this


Twig recovered from an injury to “never be more prepared” than he is right now. Twig is busy this heat.

Twig Baker

Greg Long surfs a wave really well in in waves of consequence environment, nothing would be less surprising. Not only does he look like Elvis but also he can croon monster waves into submission.

Semi Final 1: Tyler Fox, Anthony Tashnick, Ryan Augenstein, Ken Collins, Peter Mel and Ryan Seelbach

Tyler Fox, Anthony Tashnick and Ryan Augenstein through.

Suddenly a flurry of action and it looks hardcore out there in the wind. Three things happen:

Tyler Fox makes a bomb drop, so good.

Anthony Tashnick does a pirouette to totally mashed over the falls.

Ryan Augenstein rides a wave

Kinda slow start to the first semi then suddenly Skindog is bobbing around the inside a few feet from the rocks with a balloon inflated inside his wetsuit after getting the inside axe. It’s no joke being dragged towards those toothy rocks, the whitewater rips through them at a terrifying rate of knots.

Ryan Seelbach scores the first bomb.

Anyone else having connectivity issues? surfster think the ASP (and Red Bull) need to sort out the streaming. Seeing as they could almost surf to Silicone Valley from here, we are inclined to think if you can’t get good internet here then where can you? 

Heat 4: Kohl Christensen, Grant Baker, Shane Desmond, Shawn Dollar, Nathan Fletcher, Rusty Long

Grant Twig Baker takes the win, Shawn Dollar and Kohl Christensen get through. Semis up next! We wonder if Dave Wassel has a full body erection?

Ok Twiggy is taking the honours here, often proclaimed as the man because he goes out with a playmate he nails a mega drop and then tucks under a cute section. Go Twig. Oh yeah, he’s a often hailed as one of the most progressive and critical cats out there.

Twiggy grabs a decent one, Shaun Dollar makes his wages with a bomb and Kohl goes left and pays the price.

Shaun Dollar making one of the waves of the day.

Heat 3: Carlos Burle, Shane Dorian, Nic Lamb, Greg Long, Ben Wilkinson, Zach Wormhoudt

Greg Long, Shane Dorian and Zach Wormhoudt progress

Shane said: “It was pretty intimidating. I was pretty gun shy and nervous out there. Maybe I just need to get pounded on one good one.”

This heat is stacked. You have Shane Dorian the best big wave surfer in the world against Greg Long the best big wave surfer in the world, how can they both be best? We have no idea but people keep saying it. Dorian also kills wild pigs with his bare hands so probably shades it in a knife fight. Unsurprisingly they are both currently winning.

Previous heat winner Tyler Fox puts his success on massive drops down to riding beach breaks.

Nic Lamb taking the long drop into the plunge pool and into the rapids.

Heat 2: Tyler Fox, Peter Mel, Ryan Seelbach, Colin Dwyer, Grant Washburn, Danilo Couto

Tyler Fox, Peter Mel and Ryan Seelbach progress

Well that was a much better heat, you don’t know what you’ve got till it’s about to rip your head off. Tyler Fox on his giant board took the win with Peter Mel in second.

Tyler Fox on his backup wave an 8.10

Heat 1: Mark Healy, Chris Bertish, Anthony Tashnick, Ken Collins, Jamie Sterling, Ryan Augenstein

Anthony Tashnick, Ryan Augenstein and Ken Collins get though to the semis (top 3 progress)

Mavericks is doubling hard on the bowl, surfers are pulling back, it’s tough out there. But this is it, no one else but these guys should be there so go for it. Don’t pull out boys. 

Twiggy Baker, winner of the last round of the BWWT in the Basque Country is categorical in his assessment that “Mark Healy is the most tapped big wave surfer out there.”

First sweeper set of the day at the Mavericks Invitational and Mark Healy and Chris Bertish got worked. Mark looked exhausted after the ski pulled him out just before the rocks.

Mavericks Invitational live now!  “It’s heavy out there, really ledgey” says Alex Gray “I’m glad people have jerseys on as they might have been pulling back otherwise.”  Live HERE

First look at Mavs

The radical gentlemen from Save the Waves are out in the channel…

A word from our head forecaster, Ben Freeston, on wave consistency

“Both forecasts and wave buoys normally report the ‘significant height’ which is the average of the largest third of waves. Here you can see the actual maximum wave heights recorded and, as you’d expect, they’re 1.5-2x larger. Obviously for a big wave competition the two main issues are how big the very best sets are, and how often they occur. Some indication of the consistency of these larger waves is inherent in the gap between the red and blue lines on the graph here.”

San Francisco Bar Buoy (Station 46237)

This is the swell spectra – all energy is peaked between 16-22 seconds with very little else going on.

The heat sheet. Time now, 7.10 AM

Contest start confirmed for 8 AM! Time now, 6.45 AM

Here’s Mark Healy getting ready as dawn begins to crack the sky.

This is how Greg Long gets ready ... it’s 4.30 AM in California

“We can hear the waves! The guys have their game faces on.” Say the Mavs crew on their Facebook.

What do the buoys think?

We’ve also got buoys rising as forecast… Those numbers are enough to get Mavs going and are a little above last year’s inconsistent fest.

Station 46042 (LLNR 297) - MONTEREY - 27NM WNW of Monterey, CA

What do the satellites say?

Below is from the JASON 1 satellite, you can see the forecast for the leading edge and peak height is in good agreement, whereas there is a slight difference as the swell forms a kinda u-bend shape.

Will the swell arrive as forecast?

This is the million Dollar question, good news is that we’ve already seen the storm impacting the North Shore.

Shark's Cove at first light was pretty big and impressive on Wednesday, © 2014 Sean Davey

Waves over the road at Rockpile on the North Shore means monster surf. © 2014 Sean Davey

Laird towed Jaws and the North Shore almost washed out. Mr Hamilton wasn’t part of the Point Break 2 filming process which happened at the same time. His wife Gabby made sure we knew that, “Laird was not working on that film project. He merely went to Maui to surf for his own experience and pleasure.” She told us. Which is slightly disappointing if you wanted to see him alongside Gerrard Butler of Chasing Mavericks fame, who’s reportedly going to be playing Bodhi and will says things like: “The little hand says it’s time to rock and roll.” Is Gerrard watching today do you think?

Laird swooping in at Jaws like a indomitable condor. © 2014 Mike Neal

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