Meet the Jiwa, the Winter Session Prize

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There aren't many finer things in life than creaking around Indo with all your friends in a fine wooden tub. If you win The Winter Session then this is your prize, the Jiwa. This boat is allergic to lineups with crowds of bros, and that is fine thing.

The Jiwa is a 23m traditional wooden Phinisi, the kind of which would have been used years ago by merchants who traded throughout the archipelago. Her twin masts, clean lines and rustic charm provide for a unique way of experiencing the Indonesian islands.

A day in the life of a boat trip: wake up at first light and cram down some muesli mentally cursing your mate as they leap off the side and paddle to the peak having got up 10 minutes earlier. Someone will irrationally irritate you that day and he/she's made a good start. Surf for 2 hours, eat a cooked breakfast. No washing up or cooking for you on this trip so surf till lunch. After a fresh fish feast you might motor to a new spot where you lay rail till dark. Or, stay where you are and squeeze in an extra session before tea, then surf till dusk. Drink a small can of beer. Talk story with embellishment. Sleep.

In the unlikely event you fail to win The Winter Session you can book a trip here.