Morocco's Right Hand Points Light Up

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In need of winter vacay inspiration? Here's a few minutes of those right-hand point breaks we love straight out of Africa's north west.

Your protagonists here are Kala Buthman, Kyle Buthman and Tessa Simmons. Though Kala had been spending his semester abroad in Spain, the trio fled south west when the numbers looked to be stacking up, eventually arriving at Morocco's Camel Point – named for the large camel shaped rock that overlooks the beach – and spent the next 10 days putting it all to good use.

Oh there's a hint of all flavours in this one; dredging tubes from 3mins 45secs in; mellow longboard cruising from 2minutes 30 seconds; a lick of slow mo (just enough) and a pinch of that cultural colour splash throughout. Set aside six minutes and dive on in.