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PRINT on Demand is now live. Upload prints from anywhere in the world and sell them to anyone in the world. Our beta testing over the previous few months should have ironed out any glitches and it's free for anyone to join HERE. All that is required of you is a PayPal account so that we can pay you.

We here at Magicseaweed already host the largest database of surf photos anywhere in the world with 100s of thousands of images on the site and hundreds more uploaded every day. We love surf photos and wanted to develop a medium whereby we could generate revenue for photogs who fundamentally support the industry whilst often being squeezed financially.

This is, we hope, a kind of democracy whereby you take a shot and if people want to own it they can. How big is the potential? If it's a shot which a 1000 people need to have on their wall, why can't you sell it it a 1000 times over? We have yet to find out.

So whether you're shooting from the beach and think the guys surfing may want a one-off shot of themselves then go ahead and use it. Or alternatively, if you've taken a classic shot of which you can sell prints of many times over then upload that too.

Your return as a photographer is 25% of the cover price which you can set yourself. So if you think it's worth $10 or $1000 then you set the price at whatever level you think equitable.

How do I make it work?

When you click into the 'Upload Photo' section you'll see the below image. Click 'Sign Up Now' and away you go.

Who wouldn't want this on their wall? ... Log Cabins

Who wouldn't want this on their wall? ... Log Cabins

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If you have any problems then drop us an email, comment below, or click onto Page 2 for a more detailed step-by-step description.

Good luck, Team MSW

How do I do it?, FAQ

Step by step:

This is assuming you're uploading images to Print on Demand and not straight into the PhotoLab.

Firstly, you'll need to provide us with details to allow us to pay you from any prints sold. Go to and fill in the form.

Once this is complete, click the 'Upload Prints' option to start adding prints to Print on Demand.

You can upload prints in a batch, however, if you do opt to apply a watermark, the position will be the same for the entire batch. If you need the watermark in the top right hand corner for half of the images and the bottom left for the other half, you will need to upload them as two batches.

Once you have set whether you wish to use a watermark, you will be given the option to use our default image or upload your own. Uploaded watermark images will be resized to be no larger than 150px × 150px.

Select the required position of the watermark by clicking the corresponding corner of the demonstration image at the bottom of the page.

A price scheme needs to be applied to your collection of prints. We have set a default scheme that is both competitive and provides a good margin for yourself. You have the ability to create your own price schemes. We have set a minimum price for each size. These minimum prices are the same as the default scheme.

If a price scheme is created, it will be available to apply to all subsequent uploads.

Click the 'Browse...' button to locate your images. Multiple images can be uploaded in a batch, so browse and select as many images as you need.

Please note. Uploading multiple images with large file sizes can take a considerable time. We suggest that you try one at a time to start with to give you some idea of how long a batch upload will take.

Once all of the required images are displayed in the 'Upload Your Prints' section of the page, hit 'Upload' to commit to the server.

If you wish to remove any images from the queue before upload, click the 'Remove file from queue' link.

If you attempt to upload multiple copies of the same image, you will see a warning message and the image will not be added to the queue.

Please be patient while the images are uploading, large files may take a considerable time.

As an example; a 10MB photo will take approximately 1 minute to upload over a 1.5Mbps connection. Do not hit 'Refresh' or 'F5' during the upload a this may result in the images not making it to the server correctly.

Once the images are uploaded, you can specify the date that the photo was taken. If the information is available within the image data, the date fields will be pre-filled with the values pulled from the photo's EXIF data. These values can be overwritten.

A spot must be added to every photo. Select the 'Location' from the drop down menu and the 'Spot' menu will be created listing all of the options available for the specified region.

Once the spot has been set for the first photo, a checkbox is made available allowing this information to be duplicated on all the photos in the batch. This can be overwritten on a photo by photo basis.

The 'Name' provided for the print will be used along with your username in the title shown to the customer; i.e. 'Waimea Shorebreak by John Smith'.

The description is optional but photos with good descriptions are easier to find on the website so we do recommend adding one.

Once all of the supporting information is provided, hit the 'SUBMIT PHOTOS' button at the bottom of the page to add your prints to our moderation queue.

Prints are checked in the same way as regular photoLab images. Any images that do not comply with our terms & conditions will not be added to Print on Demand or the photoLab.

The terms & conditions are available by clicking the link on the first page of the upload system.

All being well, you will now see a message informing you that all of your prints have been added to our moderation queue.

If the photos are not of a sufficient quality for Print on Demand they will not be made available to buy as a print.

During the upload, the quality of the final print is assessed at each of the different size options available (A4 through to A0). If the print cannot be produced at a sufficient quality in a specific size, that size option will not be available.

Once the images have been published, they will be displayed within the photoLab with an option to buy the print at the available sizes.


All of the prints that you have uploaded are available for you to manage at any time by selecting the 'Manage your Prints' option from your Print on Demand home page -

The 'Manage your Prints' screen will display a summary of each print along with details of the quantity and size option of each sold.

Click the 'View Sales Summary for this Print' option to generate a CSV file outlining the sales summary.

Click the 'Remove from POD' button to make that print unavailable for sale. Previous sales will be unaffected.

Ed Temperley

MSW editor. Instagram @edtemperley