Nat and Freddy Drop Cloudbreak Warm Up

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HOPE is a wonderful commodity. As we cast a wandering eye over the Volcom Fiji Pro forecast our mind inevitably delivers a flashback to last year’s epic event, where the smallest waves surfed were overhead Restaurants, and ask, could it happen again?

If it suddenly animated the Cloudbreak forecast would say, “not quite, but I am going to pump”. The standout day right now on the forecast looks to be Thursday, June 6th. Don’t expect a re-run of last year but do expect chunky Fijian caverns. Following 2012’s Volcom Pro hoo-hah with the comp being called-off, in a clever bit of pre-event PR which set Twitter wagging it was ‘leaked’ that surfers will go whatever, even if it is 30ft death barrels. Sadly this looks unlikely. 

Nat Young has approached his rookie year on tour like the veritable bookworm in a library, turning up early to tour stops and cramming in hours of homework. This dedication to scoping and learning new venues has helped to find him sitting in 6th place in the world after three events. And in that vein it was no surprise to see him tearing up the tiles at Cloudbreak today (May 31st). 

Our man on the ground, Stu Johnson, himself a regular out at Cloudbreak was impressed. “The standout surfers were Nat Young and Freddy P. Which is impressive considering it is Nat’s first trip to Fiji.

“In other news, the opening ceremony is rained out and they are doing a bare bones opening: no VIP dinner, no press conference. The judging tower is dressed and the media boats ran their test in the channel today. It’s all systems go, one more day of freesurfing, then it’s on.”

And we cannot wait.

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