New Irish Surfing Magazine Tonnta Launches

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Tonnta, Irish for waves, is the first magazine in Ireland totally devoted to surfing and the surfing lifestyle. It will be published quarterly as a full-colour glossy magazine.

Tonnta focuses on Irelands best surfers and some of the amazing waves they
are riding along the Irish coastline.
In the first issue, contributions from
world-class surfing photographers Mickey Smith, Al McKinnon, Paudie Scanlon
and Aaron Pierce back up hair-raising accounts of Irelands new tow-surfing
phenomenon from Waterfords Dave Blount and Sligos Paul OKane and Mike

© 2014 Tonnta

Stories relating to Irish heritage, culture and the environment form an
integral part of the magazine with contributions from Donegals Easkey
Britton, Kerry scientist Colm Gibson and Cork coastal engineer Billy Horgan,
as well as all the local surfing news, updates and pictures from around the

State-of-the-art surfing by talented young Irish men and women including
Clares Damien Conway and Ollie OFlaherty, Waterfords Hugh Galloway, Sligos
Cain Kilcullen and Donegals Nicole Morgan is featured, along with some of
their thoughts on surfing in Ireland and its future. Tonnta also tracks down
Irelands first surfer, Kerry man Joe Roddy, and documents his attempts to
replicate his original surfboard made from tea chests in 1949. British and
Irish womens champion Easkey Britton investigates the history and origins of
womens surfing in Ireland and overseas. Theres also a report on the new
computer-linked shaping machines bringing futuristic shaping to Ireland, led
by Galways Conor Canavan and Leitrims Mark McGuire.

Publisher Graham Collins, who has been working in the Irish surfing industry
for 10 years, said it has long been his dream for Ireland to have its own
100 percent surfing magazine. The surfing industry in Ireland is booming
these days, and Ireland has fast become an internationally recognised
surfing destination, known for its incredible variety of world class waves,
he said. So its really important that we have an excellent quality magazine
that truly reflects our unique Irish surfing culture and Irelands high
standing in the surfing world.

Editor Wayne Murphy, an enthusiastic Irish speaker, explains the dedicated
Foghlaim Gaeilge section: Surfing is the fastest growing sport in Ireland
with, according to Failte Ireland, an estimated 50,000 participants, he
said. Surfers are always talking about the weather, forecasts, wind, tides
and so on. So why not use surfing as a fun medium with which to help to
teach the Irish language?

With the promise of so many good stories and quality photographs its no
surprise the Irish surfing industry has wholeheartedly supported Tonnta.

Tonnta will be available at Easons and News Brothers outlets, as well as
surf shops around the country.

The magazine will be officially launched at Scannells Bar at Clonakilty in West Cork on Friday 18 July and Bridge Bar, Bundoran on Saturday 19 July, both at 9pm. Contact 086 6049457 or 0863475100 for further information.

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