New Year's Day Serves Up Barrel Feast at Mundaka

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Were you busy locked in a hungover pit of despair on New Year's Day? Well, with or without headache, the Basque Country contingent ushered in 2017 with back-to-back barrels as Mundaka chugged on January 1.

Aritz Aranburu, Iker Fuentes, Kepa Acero, Txaber Trojaola, Eneko Acero, Zuku and Egoitz Villanueva are your Basque warriors stacking up severe tube time over the next three or so minutes.There's no chance this crew will sit out on a bonafide tube fest. And let's face it, it's likely sans headache. Oh and how's Aritz's barrel to riding switch around the 2minutes 38 secs in? Sublime. Dive in.