Peaking: Peter Mel and Mavericks

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Follow Peter Mel before, during and after the premier big wave contest, the Mavericks Invitational.

Big wave surfers are different. Different from the average surfer. What they seek is a feeling few, if any, of us who call ourselves surfers will ever know. And they risk life and limb chasing it. But they're not crazy. If anything, they're the complete opposite. Big wave surfers are calculated risk takers. And with so much at stake, they should be. Theirs is a world few outside of their big wave brethren understand, and their perspective on life, living, winning, losing and surfing is as unique as the waves they ride.

In this episode of Peaking, we follow Peter Mel at Mavericks – a wave he's helped push from the fringes of the surf world to mainstream's centre stage – in the days leading up to, during and after what is regarded as the premier big wave contest in North America, maybe even the world. This is a wave and a surfer whose relationship dates back over 20 years, and this is a contest that Peter only won for the first time last year. With the stakes high, and the pressure on, we fixed the cameras on Peter and got unparalleled insight into the mind and life of a big wave surfer and Mavericks legend.

Brian Roddy