The Pico Alto Classic - Peru

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Behind the familiar faces at the top of the Big Wave World Tour, legions of chargers across the globe are striving for their moment in the spotlight. The inaugural Pico Alto Challenge, at Punta Hermosa, functioned as a qualifier for the official Peruvian BWWT event to be staged later this year. Held at one of the most unforgiving deep water spots in South America, and won by a 19 year old local hellboy, the event also showcased the extraordinary level of big wave surfing in Peru.

“The morning conditions were ideal for the local big wave crew to enjoy a classic day of surfing,” says event organiser, Jose Manuel Plaza. “The waves ranged from 15 ft to 18 ft on the sets, and all the Peruvian chargers were eager to finish on the top 5 places, to secure a spot on the upcoming Big Wave World Tour Event. Local Punta Hermosa kid Miguel Tudela took the win after catching some insane rides all day long. It was a day in which everybody had a blast surfing ideal conditions, and when the night hit the beers popped open.”


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