Puerto’s XXL July

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With torrential rips, a surfeit of heaving closeouts and an incessant barrage of mountainous swell, most mortal surfers tend to steer clear of Puerto Escondido during the midsummer months. Conversely, for the crazy charger or land-based surf photographer, “the hidden port” is an ideal location to realise any XXL fantasy.

Photographer, Fabi Correa, arrived right on time to document those who dared to paddle out during two colossal south swells in July. 

“We arrived in Puerto in late June, after a month in Chile and Peru, and we were lucky to get two good swells in the month of July. The biggest of them at the beginning of the month was 7-10 feet south on the swell report, but it had 20-foot faces waves with some bigger sets. Puerto Escondido is known as Mexpipe and it handles swells of over 25 feet with good peaks.

That morning of July 9th we woke up and the conditions were perfect, tubes for both sides and some up to 25 feet sets and south swell which is perfect for this area. Surfers like Brent Symes, Nahuel Amalfitano, Gary Hughes, Coco Nogales, Diego Silva and Cristiano Bins took the largest waves of the day. Brent Symes, better known as Reddog, was dropping without fear on the biggest sets of the day.

In Puerto Escondido the currents are very strong and the waves very heavy, so in these days of big conditions, only experienced surfers paddle out. It is very difficult to position yourself as the rips in the ocean are very strong and easily displaces the Surfer from one place to another. Even so, everyone took many bombs, and the photos were mind-blowing!”


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