Red Bull Mito Extended till Dec 15th, 2012

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THE Red Bull Mito extend the waiting period until December 15th in hope of giant swell.

After the end of waiting period initially set for the first edition of the Red Bull Mito, and still without giant waves on the horizon, the organization decided to hold the competition in “standby” until next December 15. For the best athletes in the world the call can happen at any time, depending on the ideal conditions of sea and wind in Nazaré.

After about a month doing a daily monitor of the conditions of Praia do Norte, in Nazaré, the organization of the Red Bull Mito decided to extend the waiting period for the competition. The end of November was the deadline initially set, but the lack of conditions to go forward dictated the announcement of a new waiting period: until December 15th the expectation of seeing around some of the most important legends of big wave surfing is still alive!

Among those summoned are names like Ross Clarke-Jones, Tom Carroll and Carlos Burle. The Portuguese will be defended by the duo Ruben Gonzalez and José Gregório.

Investigator João Vitorino, from the Instituto Hidrográfico (Portuguese Hydrographical Institute), gives some clues to understand all the difficulties associated with the organization of a competition with the characteristics of Red Bull Mito, where all the action is dependent on the existence of waves with more than 10 meters: “it is during periods of winter storms that exist extreme conditions shaking off the coast of Nazaré. The North Canyon produces an amplification of the wave and thus a wave that is 10 meters high, can reach 20 in Praia do Norte. This phenomenon has been known since the early twentieth century, but from 2009 on the Instituto Hidrográfico has installed a system in place to monitor in real time, with buoys that allow to take the pulse of extreme waves - measuring ripple off with maximum heights of 21-22 meters.”


During the Red Bull Mito, each athlete has to surf at least one wave each heat and a maximum of 10 waves, counting for the punctuation will be the best two waves from each heat. The three more punctuated teams will advance two rounds to reach the final. The winning team will be the one that has the best two waves of the final, in a maximum of 15 waves.

The heats from round 1 and 2 have duration of 35 minutes, as the final will occur for 60 minutes. The judge will evaluate the performance of the teams, taking into consideration the size of the wave and the maneuvers on the critical sections of the wave (tube ride is also much valued).


Carlos Burle + Felipe “Gordo” Cesarano (Brazil)
Ramón Navarro (Chile) + Gabriel Villaran (Peru)
Ross Clarke-Jones + Tom Carroll (Australia)
Al Mennie (Irland) + Andrew Cotton (United Kingdom)
Axi Munian + Pablo Garcia (Spain)
José Gregório + Ruben Gonzalez (Portugal)


Backup 1: Jamie Sterling (Hawaii) + 1 (to confirm)?Backup 2: Eric Rebiere (France) + Will Skudin (EUA)?Backup 3: Sebastien Steudtner (Germany)  + Tom Buttler (United Kingdom)?Backup 4: Gabriel “Gabe” Davies (United Kingdom) + Richie Fitzgerald (Ireland)

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