Ripping Portugal on Impulse with Gearoid McDaid

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It's not flat here right now, but it's not good. There's swell, sure, but horrendous onshores have been a far too common theme. And the long range? Well, bleak probably best describes the situation. But there's not a lot we can do about that whilst still manning the office. It sure makes you envy the lives of pro surfers and one such Gearoid McDaid here.

When a fine start to winter in Ireland turned sour with no sign of improvement, the anxious 19 year-old scanned charts and airlines and the next day found himself in Portugal. His shapers, Fourth Surfboards caught up with Gearoid to discuss this latest edit.

It seems Portugal's the place to be at the moment. Sunshine, great waves, warmer water. How did decide to spend some time over there?
Was pretty much just a bad period of waves at home and was looking at charts around Europe and Portugal looked the best for that week so I headed over to get some good waves.

Your now on the Rip Curl team how are things with your new sponsor?
Yeah I'm stoked with my new sponsor Rip Curl. They've already helped me out so much. So happy to be apart of such a great company.

Whats your plans for 2017? More QS events?
My plans for 2017 are pretty much try to score the best waves I can wherever it may be. And yeah, get back doing some QS events again and try and get myself a good seeding on the QS tour.

You've been doing some testing for us at Fourth Surfboards. What are you riding in this clip?
Yeah I've had some pretty sick boards over the last while. Testing out some different blanks and tech. All the clips are on my 5"10 normal Shank and 5"10 epoxy Shank, both going crazy good.

We've heard you've been surfing Mullaghmore a bit this year, is big wave surfing something you're interested in?
Yeah I've been trying to get out to Mully as much as I can this year. There's been like three or four days I've been out there. Nothing crazy big but still pretty scary. I wanna keep getting into it and get some bigger, better waves out there but for now it's just trying to get out there as much as I can and get used to it.

You spent a few weeks with Mick Fanning a few months back, how was that? It must have been pretty cool to surf with the champ?
Yeah, to get a call from your sponsor and say Mick Fanning is coming to surf with you is pretty crazy. It was a sick week of waves driving up and down the coast with Mick and all the crew. All of them were such legends and it was one of the best weeks I've had at home.

You're off to Portugal again this week, what your favourite waves to surf while over there?
Yeah I've just arrived in Portugal today. It looks like some fun waves on the way. Definitely best place to surf is Supertubos. You can get some really good waves for barrels and turns there.

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