Samoan Suf Report for week 46 of 2008 from Sa'Moana resort

Same place, same time, different surfer, Resorts, Samoa

Same place, same time, different surfer, Resorts, Samoa


Report No: 46-08
Period: Monday 10th to Sunday 16th Nov

Monday. High tide 4.03am &4.23pm. With the early high tide we had a dawnie out at Resorts. Really clean and glassy, waist to shoulder high on the sets, but really fun. Lefts and rights due to the peaky swell. Not many barrels but lots of faces for a few turns.

Tuesday. High tide 4.50am & 5.09pm. A south east wind had kicked up overnight and the small swell meant nowhere was going to be pumping Our two surf guest paddled out Resorts and surfed for about an hour but the wind was making it look a bit average, just great top be in 25 degree C water.

Wednesday. High tide 5.38am & 5.58pm. Early boat trip and Special K was first check, with a light nor west wind and a few shoulder high waves coming thru it looked nice. The crew of 3 guests and 1 guide surfed it from 6am till 9am and got a heap of good ones. Some barreling while the others were lined up for a few reo's to be done. Crew stoked on their last surf in Samoa.

Thursday. High tide 6.30am & 6.50pm. With good waves yesterday they hit a boat trip again, but the swell had really died. After hunting around looking for somewhere to surf Pebbles looked the best bet due to the light south east wind. With only knee to waist high waves the new guests opted to snorkel around on the reef for a few hours and quite enjoyed it.

Friday. High Tide 7.24am & 7.46pm. Again the south east wind was up early so they headed to The Ocean Trenches for a snorkel tour. About 6pm 2 guests and a guide decided to go for a paddle out the front at resorts where they got a few rights that were shoulder high with a little wind and average for Samoa, but still a very fun surf.

Saturday. High tide 8.23am. Today it was back to sheet glass and Resorts was looking a treat. With shoulder high sets there were some good lefts and rights on offer and they surfed from 7am till 9.30am. It stayed glassy all day and they were back out for an arvo sesh. Straight offshore it looked even better than earlier with barrels and nice walls to race across. The crew happy after a day of good waves, surfing for the last hour of light.

Sunday. High tide 9.28am. Almost identical to yesterday, just not as sunny. Sheet glass again and super clear water. Again lefts and rights and the crew made the most of the good conditions and surfed from 8am till about 12ish. Again Resorts was probably the pick of the shoulder high swell, a few Vailimas (beers) were had at the bbq night.

Photos 46a-08 @ 46b-08 A couple of turns on some clean lefts out @ Resorts