Samoan Suf Report for week 47 of 2008 from Sa'Moana resort


Report No: 47-08
Period: Monday 17th to Sunday 23rd November 2008

Monday. High tide 10:37am. After a hot breakfast out front at Resorts was the spot in really clean, sunny shoulder high conditions. There were a few lefts and rights to be had, but the swell was pretty straight with a few closing out. Only 3 crew in the water so it was still good fun.

Tuesday. High tide 11:48am. All our surfing guests left today so no surf trip. Conditions were similar to yesterday.

Wednesday. High tide 12:55pm. Our new guests were pretty pumped about a boat trip and with a SE wind blowing they hit Pebbles. It was waist to shoulder high and very surfable with a few little barrels on the inside wedge section and walls for turns out the back.

Thursday. High tide 1:52pm. Due to poor conditions on the southern side they hit the north side of Upolu ending up at The Rock and it was reasonably good. There was a bit of swell with waves ranging between head to head +1/2 pounding in with steep rights that you could do a few turns on, but the pick of it was the occasional short punchy left. Bit windy at the start but the wind backed of during the 4 hr session till it was glassy.

Friday. High Tide 2:43pm. After a heavy tropical downpour after lunch they headed out on the boat to Pebbles. The wind was light offshore and the waves were clean as a whistle with head high sets, barrel, no crowd and sunny skies, saw the guests having a great session.

Saturday. High tide 3:27pm. With the wind blowing from the SE it was back to Pebbles. The inside section was again offering barrels just about every wave and lots of steep take offs, blow outs and hoots from the guys in the water. Another 4 hour session

Sunday. High tide 4:07pm. Some of our new guests got up super early for a quick paddle out at Resort to get rid of the last of the jet lag, in small peaky conditions. Due to surfer numbers they took two boats in the arvo, one went to Special K which was a little bit weak for Samoan standards, but still a lot of fun with waist to shoulder high rights. The conditions were glassy and it seemed to improve towards the end of the session. The other boat went to Coco's and with the swell mainly SE it was closing out a bit but there were still some surfable waves in clean conditions.

Photos 47a-08 Andy (going left) at Pebbles, 47b-08 Rene paddling back through one at Pebbles