Samoan Suf Report For Week 48of 2008 From Sa'moana Resort

Chris Dedman paddling in @ Special K

Chris Dedman paddling in @ Special K


Report No: 48-08
Period: Monday 24th to Sunday 30th November 2008

Monday. High tide 4:37am and 4:45pm. There was a new East push in the swell so the crew hit Village Lefts for an early. It was super clean with overhead sets allowing for a few racy barrels or a few top turns. Arvo session at Pebbles as the SE wind had come up during the day where the waves were short, steep and intense which suited our body boarding guests who loved the consistent barrels. Most of the stand up surfers pulled the back peak which had longer more playful walls.

Tuesday. High tide 5:15am and 5:21pm. Two boat trips today with the first boat to Wakas which was amazingly uncrowded with some super fun head high waves. It was glassy and sunny so guests were stoked. The other boat stopped at Special K and got some fun head high rights. The sets were pretty good but you had to pick them as it was a bit sectiony. Still everyone was happy with the mornings sessions.

Wednesday. High tide 5:52am and 5:56pm. One group went over to the North side early and surfed The Rock which was clean and about head high with a reasonable shape allowing 2 or 3 turns per wave and fun with no one else out. The other group did a boat trip to Wakas and had a fun session which was smaller than yesterday but still holding a nice shape. It was a bit crowded with 15 surfers in the water, but there were still plenty of waves to go round. Some of the guests surfed out at Resorts late arvo. It was up to head high, clean and option of lefts or rights.

Thursday. High tide 6:28am and6:32pm. Out on the boat with another early start and once again no wind. It was hard to go past Special K which had some fun little rights running down the reef. It was lining up well and with only 4 guys in the water there plenty of waves to go around. Another arvo session at Resorts in clean conditions. The swell picked up with the incoming tide so the sets were pretty good.

Friday. High Tide 7:03am and 7:09pm. Another dawn patrol back to Special K showed the swell was a bit bigger than yesterday with sets a bit over head high. Still lined up well and a few barrels along with long walls. No wind so another clean session for about 4 hours.

Saturday. High tide 7:40am. With the majority of our guests leaving today they didn't do a boat trip as conditions at Resorts looked great with head high peaks and no wind.

Sunday. High tide 8:18 am. Light east winds put a slight ripple across the small shoulder high waves out front at the Resorts. Still fun if you picked the right one.

Photos 48a - 08 Chris Dedman paddling in at Special K, 48b - 08 Frank Tachibana at Special K