Samoan Surf Report For Week 34 From Sa'moana Resort

Guest Brett gets the 'shot of the day' at Pebbles

Guest Brett gets the 'shot of the day' at Pebbles

sa'Moana resort chef Shane bustin out at Boulders

sa'Moana resort chef Shane bustin out at Boulders

Report No: 34-08
Period: Monday 25th to Sunday 31st August 08

Some quite nice little barrels were scored this fine and sunny week with Pebbles being the main destination due SW swell / SE wind combo.

Monday. High tide 2:43pm With the SE winds up early the crew opted for a trip to the north side of Upolu. After a few stops and a bit of searching they ended up surfing at The Rock which had some head height peaks pushing in. Meanwhile back at Salamumu Paul and Brent scored some pretty good waves down at Village Lefts and the wind backed off as they were paddling out making for rather clean head height conditions.

Tuesday. High tide 3:39pm An arvo session at Village Lefts was the plan for today. Some rather large sets were rolling through (double overhead) and accounted for a broken board. Guest Ben managed to master the conditions to catch a few nice rides in what was a bit of a difficult session with some west in the swell making for lots of close outs.

Wednesday. High tide3:57am and 4:29pm The early boat trip to Pebbles saw some good waves until the tide got too low. With no wind early and a SW swell Pebbles was setting up quite nicely.

Thursday. High tide 4:47am and 5:15pm Some really fun barrels at Pebbles if you picked the right one, some rather nasty wipeouts were less enjoyed if it was got wrong, especially as the tide was dropping from the time they got there. Overall a great little session that left the crew both stoked and bleeding (see photos).

Friday. High tide 5:33am and 5:58pm Back to Pebbles this morning where some more fun barrels were enjoyed (and far fewer wipeouts). The swell had dropped considerably overnight however some nice waves were still pushing into a rather strong offshore wind. A few of the guys went for an afternoon session at Village Lefts to mix things up a bit and scored with some nice little waves around shoulder to head high.

Saturday. High tide 6:18am An early boat trip saw a return to Pebbles where the remaining SW swell was pushing in the occasional head high barrel. It was a bit all over the place and tricky to surf making for a challenging session, but heaps of fun.

Sunday. High tide 7:01am Today's boat trip cancelled due to crap weather. Looks like a new swell coming up from the SE with stormy SE winds making for messy looking conditions out on the ocean. Hopefully the new swell will build and clean up over the course of today, making for some good surf tomorrow.

Photos 34a-08 A guest titled 'The Red Beacon' pulling in at Pebbles, 34b-08 Brett (not our guide Brent) gets photo of the day at Pebbles on Thursday, 34c-08 Sa'Moana chef Shane bashing out a nice turn at Pebbles.