Samoan Surf Report for week 37 2008 from Sa’Moana Resort

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Guide Mark hooking into a nice one @ Pebbles

No one was in the "zone" for this beauty @ Pebbles


Jole the grommet on the best wave of his life so far @ Pebbles


Sa’Moana Resort WEEKLY   REPORTS for   2008


Report No:



:        Monday 15th to Sunday 21st September 08

Another fine and sunny week in Samoa with the trade winds easing to nil, with glassy conditions all day long. The lack of wind also made for great kayaking and snorkelling around the resort.


. High tide 6:32am and 6:44pm   Awaking to no wind and a small peaky swell the crew decided that straight out the front @ Resorts was the go. Everyone was stoked with left and right hand peaks and barrels galore in the shoulder to head height conditions. Sop good they surfed through happy hour in the afternoon/early evening as well.


. High Tide 7:04am and 7:26pm   The crew split today between Pebbles, for those keen on a boat trip, and the rest out @ Resorts. Pebbles had small but clean and hollow little barrels on offer in the glassy conditions and those who made the trip were not disappointed.


High tide 7:51am   A morning boat trip to Pebbles saw some nice waves on offer. It got better as the tide went out, and it tends to get hollower towards mid tide and some nice tubes were scored by the crew.


. High tide 8:44am   Once again a morning boat trip to Pebbles, which despite being a little slower than yesterday, threw up the occasional nice clean barrel.

Friday. High tide 9:45am   With glassy conditions on offer they again decided to surf straight out @ Resorts with again some nice little peaks were making for a fun session.


. High tide 11:00am   Similar conditions to yesterday out the front @ Resorts and another fun little session with nice peaks and no wind. In the afternoon a fishing trip netted a nice Blue Fin Trevally.


High tide 12:21pm   With a new little pulse of SW swell a boat trip to Pebbles was on the cards for today and the lads were greeted with perfect almost head high barrels. While it was only small it was a great fun session with plenty of tube time and a few peaks back doored for deeper barrels. Grommet Joel even claimed it was the best waves of his life.


All shots are @ Pebbles on Sunday.  37a-08 Steve got two barrels on this one,  37b-08 Grommet Joel on a nice looking peak,  37c-08 No one could get into position quick enough for this set,
37d-08 Mark hooking in.

Cheers ….George

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