Samoan Surf Report for week 38 2008 from Sa'Moana Resort


Report No: 38-08
Period: Monday 20th to Sunday 26th September 08

Once again another fine and sunny week went down in Samoa. Combine this with a few days of no wind and it wasn't too bad on the surf front either.

Monday. High tide 1:34pm The boat trip to Pebbles was rewarded by overhead barrels and strong offshore winds. With the wind holding the waves up it was a perfect opportunity to take off really deep for maximum tube time. Some really nice barrels were made as well as the odd wackable section thrown up.

Tuesday. High tide 1:55pm Despite similar conditions to yesterday our surfers chose to have a family day around the resort so no surfing today.

Wednesday. High tide 3:26pm Wakas for the first time in a little while was the focus of the boat trip today. At around head high with a light SE wind it had some nice sections but was a little messy.

Thursday_. High tide 3:45am and 4:12pm The pre dawn surf out the front @ Resorts saw some clean little peaks on offer. Unfortunately a strong ESE wind built up during the day stuffing any chance of an arvo boat trip. A few of the crew went down to check out Village Lefts which was about head high in the cross shore conditions, not perfect but very surfable

Friday. High tide 4:31am and 4:54pm A super early pre dawn boat trip to Y-Tops was the call for today. Upon arrival the crew were greeted with glassy head high surf. It was fairly peaky and the barrels were caving in on themselves rather quickly so they took the opportunity to smash out a few turns before checking out the beautiful snorkeling in the cove as the tide dropped out.

Saturday. High tide 5:15am and 5:33pm Both the morning and arvo surfs were enjoyed out front out @ Resorts today. Both lefts and rights were on offer and the occasional peak was split in the head high conditions in which we all got our fair share of waves.

Sunday. High tide 5:56am and 6:12pm Special K was the focus for the morning boat trip which saw some small yet perfect waves pushing down the reef. With shoulder to head high rights on offer the crew made the most of the small stuff with grommet Thomas in fine form with the smaller surf suiting him down to the ground.

Photos Apologies but no shots of last weeks action, equipment malfunction apparently. BUT to keep the juices flowing I've wacked in a shot of Y-Tops from Feb 23rd & Pebbles from March 16th