Samoan Surf Report for week 39 2008 from Sa’Moana Resort

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Pebbles giving a bit of shade to Dan

WEEKLY   REPORTS for   2008

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      Monday Sept 29th to Sunday Oct 5th 2008  

It was a very busy week at Sa’Moana, and a good one on the surf front @ Resorts.  The majority of the surfing was at Pebbles but they broke this up with a little time at Wakas and Special K. It also saw the return of some stormy weather with the sunshine broken by some rain squalls with some thunder and lightening, strangely tropical.


High tide 6:35am and 6:49pm   An early trip straight to Pebbles for the morning session. It was a little funky at times with a lot of west in the swell but some nice little barrels on offer if you picked the right one.  Resorts in the late evening cleaned up after being a bit messy all day and perfect little peaks were rolling in as the kicked back crew enjoyed a well earned beer and talked about padding out instead of actually doing it.


High tide 7:13am   Pebbles was turning it on with classic overhead barrels. A slight increase in the SW swell made all the difference from Monday and some deep barrels were made much to the delight of the onlookers from the channel (they took out quite a few non surfing guests). A friendly little session at Special K rounded off a good mornings surfing. Unfortunately camera malfunction (on the part of the user) saw the photos deleted and many classic snaps were lost and only memories remain of some of the best barrels of their lives.


High tide 7:51am   More south in the swell meant Wakas was the go this morning. They were greeted with some classic conditions however it wasn’t long before line-up got crowded and they headed back to Pebbles for some uncrowded gold. The change of location may have been a blessing as Pebbles was turning on some nice little barrels which they had all to ourselves.


High tide 8:32am   A combined surfing and snorkeling trip to Pebbles was the morning plan so whilst the surfers were scoring shoulder high barrels on the reef the underwater crew were swimming with the fishes amongst the beautiful plate and finger corals which on the drop offs.


. High tide 9:20am A big increase in swell overnight saw most spots out of control. However a few little rights were scored at an inside pass not far from the boat mooring out from Sa’anapu. The swell sorted itself out on the way into the pass and lined up for some fun little, up to shoulder high waves were had and the new break called Grommet Land (G-land) due to its friendly nature.


. High tide 10:19am   A messy swell combined with a return of the trade, no waves today


High tide 11:35am Once again the messy swell meant no surf today.


  All shots from Pebbles on Wednesday   39a-08 Bruce taking off deep on a nice looking one.
39b-08 Thomas the grommet,  39c-08 Dan ducking into a little barrel and out of the sun.

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