Samoan Surf Report for week 40 2008 from Sa'Moana Resort


_**Report No:**_ 40-08
_**Period:**_ Monday 6th to Sunday 12th October

Well it happens every where right across our great surfing world at some time or other and unfortunately last week was pretty ordinary one in Samoa so its a very brief surf report for last week.

_**Monday through Friday**_ Saw a combination of little to no swell combined with strong SE winds meaning the only surfing was a desperation paddle out the front @ Resorts on Thursday and Friday for the eager & keen (diehards would be a better term).

_**Saturday.**_ High tide 3:55am and 4:18pm With the over night promise of a new SW swell, after a bit of a dry spell, all the crew were getting pumped about the thought of the potential for today. With the early high tide a few guys made it out of the for a pre dawn paddle out the front @ Resorts with a few nice clean head high peaks making the early rise well worth while. In the afternoon with a rising swell they charged down to Pebbles and were greeted by overhead barrels in the strong offshore conditions. They all scored one or two good ones with some deep tubes made.

_**Sunday.**_ High tide 4:34am and 4:55pm Awaking in the early hours with high hopes they headed back to Pebbles in the early morning light. On arrival they found some overhead peaks plunging into the reef and the occasional classic barrel was scored. The benefit of the morning session was the lack of wind which did not blow up until the arvo.

Apologies for shots this week, but I've popped in of our great pool at Sa'Moana Resort that is an awesome place for a plunge and an 'in water refreshment' no matter what the waves are like.