Samoan Surf Report for week 44 2008 from Sa'Moana Resort

Beautiful empty Ytops waiting to serve it up

Beautiful empty Ytops waiting to serve it up


Report No: 44-08
Period: Monday 24th Oct to Sunday 30th Oct 2008

Monday. High tide - 5:34am. The crew was up super early and out to Pebbles. It looked small so they motored around to check it out but every where seemed small and average. Pebbles looked the best out of everywhere so back to it and the morning sickness had left it and it was good. Waist to shoulder high but perfect shape with almost every wave a perfect little barrel. The guests surfed for 3 hours with light offshore winds the entire time.

Tuesday. High tide - 6:11am. Another early trip to Pebbles and again it delivered the goods. With a new SW pulse it was head high with a few bigger, meatier ones. The inside section was really hollow and the guests made the most of the barrels on offer. It was overcast and rainy but the easterly offshore meant clean conditions for the entire session. An arvo trip to Coco's was looking the goods till it was quickly ruined by gusty onshore winds.

Wednesday.High tide - 6:47am. The early boat trip's first stop was Spot X. They surfed fun waist to head high waves for about an hour and a half before it got a bit too shallow. Moved around to Y Tops for round 2 with head to head +1/2 walls. Not really barreling and with a light onshore everyone got a chance to do some turns for another hour and a half session before it also got to shallow.

Thursday. High tide - 7:24am. Same plan as yesterday with even glassier conditions and first stop Spot X for some more good little rights before attacking Y-tops. It was better than yesterday with the waves lining up more evenly and running for longer down the reef. Only 4 guests in the water for over 4hrs and everyone was hooting and hollering like kids at a fun park. Great day of waves with Y-Tops really lighting up.

Friday. High Tide - 8:02am. Conditions were identical to yesterday so straight back to Y-Tops where again it was head high + with the swell peeling down the reef, producing some great waves. A few barrels and up to 5 turns on a wave meant everyone had a blast in the quality conditions. Only a handful of guys in the water again for about a 4 ½ hr session.

Saturday. High tide - 8:46am. Most of our surfing guests left today and those that stayed opted not to surf. The swell was dropping and the winds picked up from the SE. R and R and Vailimas.

Sunday. High tide - 9:39am. Clean conditions early and the first session was at Wakas for an hour and a half. Playful waves for doing turns about shoulder high. The wind came up from the SE so around to Pebbles for some barrel time for another couple of hours of clean uncrowded waves before heading back to the resort for a well earned lunch.

44a-08 - Ben Lonnie at Pebbles, 44b-08 - Dwayne Peters at Spot X, 44c-08 Empty Y-Tops