SAS win inclusion into Scottish Marine Bill

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Surfers Against Sewage celebrate the inclusion of recreational water users in the Scottish Marine Bill

Today clean water campaigners Surfers Against Sewage (SAS) are celebrating the Scottish Government recognising recreational water users’ need for a voice on Regional Planning Partnerships within the Scottish Marine Bill after this mornings SAS action at Holyrood.

This morning, ahead of ministers voting on Scottish Marine Bill amendments, SAS took to the water outside the Scottish parliament with surfboards, wind surfs, kayaks, kite surfboards and bodyboards and armed with loud hailers to ensure the voice of water users was heard loud and clear. SAS campaigners were joined by Robin Harper Green MSP who forwarded the amendment on behalf of Scottish water users.

A seat on the regional planning partnerships gives recreational water users the platform to voice any concerns relating to the marine environment and recreational wave resources. SAS estimate there are over 300,000 water users in Scotland and this significant marine stakeholder deserved a seat.

SAS Scotland rep, Alasdair Steele says: “Scottish water users already act as guardians of our waters. We are passionate and knowledgable and in the right place, we deserved this seat.”

SAS Campaign Director Andy Cummins says: “This is great news for Scottish water users. Behind the scenes a lot of lobbying went on and thankfully water users are in a stronger position to protect their waves.”

For more information please call Andy Cummins on 07711 767 548 or email andy@sas.org.uk
Please see www.sas.org.uk for further details

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