Saviour of the Season: Cyclone Lusi

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When a healthy scarlet cyclone emerged off New Caledonia last week, anticipation in East Coast Oz rose to fever pitch. It was named Lusi, and hailed as the saviour of the cyclone season; a taste of real power after months of windwaves.

Throughout Saturday East Coast beachies gradually came to life with the salty appetisers, and by sunset gutless peaks were replaced by a 3-5ft, 15 second groundswell. Sandy tubes were plentiful, however, this was merely the opening act. On Sunday the swell jumped in size, igniting bombies and beachies all along the New South Wales coast. Unfavourable NNW Wind ruined many an early morning session, however, as the day progressed the winds swung round and a happy ending was enjoyed by all. 

Lusi’s Dark Side – Julian Young Saves Two Lives

Cyclone’s are notoriously two faced phenomena. They often caress one coastline with organised lines, while simultaneously thrashing another with wind and rain. This was the case for New Zealand, which bore the brunt of the energy, but none of the quality.

In a case of true heroism, North Island surfer, Julian Young, came to the rescue of two fishermen whose boat had capsized in the malevolent seas off Carters Beach, at the mouth of the Buller River. Young noticed the fishermen floundering 400 meters offshore and immediately called a neighbour, urging him to inform rescue authorities. He then made the 10 minute paddle to the fishermen and urged them to climb upon his board. The two men were both exhausted, on the point of giving up, having already been treading water for 20 minutes, and each clung desperately to a Wellington boot, using it as a floatation device. 

“One guy was going under and I knew from past experience he was on his way out,” said Young. “I knew the tide was going out and I didn’t know if I could rescue them all the way back to the beach.” The trio were sucked two km offshore, all the time waiting for a rescue team to appear. When it became apparent that no one was coming, he urged the fishermen to “go into survival mode”. With Young paddling and the anglers kicking furiously with their feet, they eventually made it close to the beach stretching east of the rivermouth. A friend of Young’s paddled out to meet them and helped the exhausted group ashore. 

Apparently, boat wreckage found in the rivermouth had distracted rescue teams, leading them to ignore the situation transpiring offshore. 

The shots above represent the best user shots we’ve had sent in. If you have any images of Lusi, upload them HERE.





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