Secret Santa Cruz

"Whilst the entire surf industry focused on the European leg of the Dream tour, California's autumn demonstrated some fine form.

With the South Pacific still alive and producing swells and the North Pacific just waking from its summery slumber, Santa Crz was bombarded by perfect combo swells during late October. Add a dominant offshore wind pattern as well as sunny skies and you have the 'perfect storm' for surfers, filmers, and photogs.

Bud Freitas, Matt Myers, Josh Mulcoy, Jason "Rat Boy" Collins, Kyle Buthman, Austin Smith Ford, Darshan Gooch, Matt Rockhold, Homer Henard opted to keep the home fires burning.

I would tell you where these spots are, but I'd probably receive thousands of hate mails. So all I can say is take a leap of faith and make that voyage to California next autumn, just don't tell them I sent you."

Ed Temperley

MSW editor. Instagram @edtemperley