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WE HERE, at tooloose.com invited the head of Sirens surf, Jess Cox to have a chat with us about her latest venture running a female only surf school. Based at Godrevy and involved in all things surf, Jess, an ex-model and global wave charger has been putting back into the community that gave her her surfing beginnings.

Q: Hey Jess how are you?
A: I’m really well thank you. Just spent the winter in Hawaii, surfing and getting to know about the surf schools out there. The place is magical and the people are lovely.

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Q: So what is sirens surf?
A: Sirens Surf is a surf school for girls run by girls. We are here for all women. I run community clubs for women and girls based in Cornwall. This season we’re going to be offering child care along side the lessons and a Pilates surf session!
We also run surf projects for local charities including, Platform 51 and Hayle Youth Project, giving disadvantaged, vulnerable women and young women, a safe, supportive environment to find the confidence to get out into nature and try surfing.
We create a non threatening, fun female environment to learn to surf.

Q: All girls surf seems such a great idea but I’ve never come across it before. What made you set up sirens surf?
A:Having a lot of energy growing up, surfing gave me a great way to channel this. It has given me so much in my life and I want other girls to get as much as I have from the sport. However I know there are challenges that can arise, such as the financial, and the seemingly threatening male environment. So Sirens is here to help overcome these hurdles, so that girls can experience the sea and all it has to offer!

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Q: I noticed you are involved in a lot of community and charity events, could you tell us a bit about that please?
A: The projects we run with local charity’s have been the most rewarding. So many girls have come to our surf days and have been afraid to enter the water but by the end of the day they are hooked. They come back week on week, and one girl is even about to take her surf coaching award! These girls get so much out of being on the beach and would not have come to a surf session if it hadn’t of been all female. Surfing can improve self confidence, health and create a great social environment to make friends and simply have fun!

Q: Cool. How do you find the surf in Cornwall?
A: We get perfect surfing for learning in Cornwall, growing up surfing here I know the beaches well, and being a mobile surf school we can take you to wherever the surf is best that day and that suits your specific ability.

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Q: The all female environment seems to be really working?
A: Women have told me over and over how they feel supported and safe in our classes. We are aware of any fears the girls may have of the water and we are there for them in every way. Everyone in the class supports each other and lets you do as much or as little as you feel confident with. Even girls wanting advanced tuition find that surfing with other girls is just what they need. We understand each other and never leave anyone out!

Q:Is there anything else unique, other than you guys are all girls?
A:We have smaller classes and are more attentive to every individuals needs. Young girls and non confident swimmers never get over looked!

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Q:Who are your sponsors?
A: At the moment we are sponsored by Robie Robes a GREAT changing towel for girls on the beach.
Everyone who comes to Sirens gets to use one to change! We also have a good working relationship with Gul, who help Sirens and we have been funded for charity projects by UNLTD, the NHS small grants scheme and Positive activities for young people.

Q: What are you riding these day’s and why?
A: I have just had amazing board shaped for me in Hawaii! Its a 5/11”, but its nice and wide and thick at 19” by 2 5/8ths. Its short so I can maneuver it well and the thickness sand width means I get plenty of waves! Perfect!

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Q: What do you get up to on a flat day?
A: I sing mostly and also practice Yoga. I love walking in beautiful Cornwall and hanging out with friends who make me laugh and think.

Q: What’s the best part of the day at Sirens surf?
A: For me watching girls constantly overcome their fears and laugh hysterically with each other!

Q: I say girl power, you say?
A: Women and girl power. We rule.. don’t forget that girls!

Q: I say stoked, you say?

Stoke © 2014 ocean-image.com

Q: We really admire your ethos here at tooloose.com and wish Sirens surf all the success in the future and endless stoke to all the girls. Thanks for chatting with us Jess and any last comments?
A: Thank you so much for your interest!! We salute you! Watch this space, Sirens Surf is only going to grow for every women and girl interested in getting into the sea! YAY! xx

With special thanks to ocean-image.com for the pics
Befriend Sirens on facebook by searching Sirens surf.
Email sirens.cornwall@gmail.com
or tel 07815810077 from June.

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