South Swell: The Pacific Propagation

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After hitting Teahupoo the swell continues to spread out radially across the largest expanse of ocean on the planet.

WHILST this latest swell has grabbed headlines for hitting Teahupoo with a power that pushed at the limits of big wave surfing these same waves will continue on their journey fanning out to be surfed by more people, in more places, than available in just about any other fetch on Earth.

Of course this is business as normal for coastlines exposed to the swell producing engine that is the Southern Hemisphere in winter and no doubt you’re checking your local forecast already. For those that aren’t, here’s a quick recap:

Hawaii - Oahu South Shore

While the North Shore’s proximity to northern hemi winter systems means it sees size and power the South Shore is where the real consistency is, particularly as we move between seasons. Exposed to a fetch that, in theory at least, can almost span the globe south facing spots pick up constant smaller long period swell and this one will offer a solid blast of the same. While the heights might not look too much that long period power will mean the waves shoal to produce considerably larger faces and this swell is well into the upper end of the kind we can expect to see here.

Ala Moana long range surf forecast.

Southern California - Trestles

Renowned for turning the smallest south swells into perfect peaks this storm will, again, offer a solid long period blast to this stretch of coast.

Trestles long range surf forecast.

Mexico - Puerto Escondido

While Puerto does see bigger swells it’s reputation lies in its ability to take long period power and convert it by refraction and constructive interference into something far more than the obvious sum of it’s parts.

Puerto Escondido long range surf forecast.

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