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Been a busy little bumble bee of late. BUZZing all over this globe a couple of times over and over and over. Can’t get enough honey though so I’m BUZZing as much as possible.

This is the view from our crib in Biarritz. It sucks, huh?

I got a DJ Falcon next to me then a Ron Blakey and a Cow Boy. All kicking it at dusk at this joint called 100 Marches in France. It’s right next to where I stay in Biarritz and it’s the best afternoon bar in the world. I’m serious, nowhere else in the world can beat this place for ambiance, view and cold beer.

DJ Falcon plays in Paris regularly and travels with Daft Punk and is a super keen surfer. So we got to hang. Ron was commentating both the France and Spanish events and Cow Boy was my personal chef though Europe. Both are my boys. Big time babe…

The bike trip…

Da Boys on the bike trip.

Cow Boy flying high

Above, although Cow Boy has trouble sticking airs in the surf. He landed this thing so sweet. Rode out of it like butter on a fry pan. Thank God as I was over taking him to hospital.

Sorry officer... it was not me, it was a bee...

I could not get enough of this. TB and I laughed so hard. My boy Otto trying to explain why he was going around a roundabout the wrong way in France. A bee stung him he cries… an idiot excuse? But he got off… so is he a genius??

Say no more...

Above, I have so much fun making fun of myself.

Who is that kook? .

Spent a bit of time in San Sebastian. This was right before we got some crazy grits at one of the many, many tapas restaurants. Fun little town but if you go make sure it’s after 3pm, otherwise she is shut for business. Also, if you’re going out, don’t go anywhere till after 1am.

I'll have eggs with that too...

MJ took me to Maui for my first time. Such an epic place. Beautiful. This is the only shot I took ‘cause I’m a lazy camera man. Can you believe that she also ordered scrambled eggs? FREAK!

Getting arty...

This is a random night in LA right before France. My good friend Tak and Raymond Pettibon. Raymond is a cool cat who is one of my favourite artists. I got to hang with him so it was really cool. Raymond has done artwork for Black Flag and also designed the logo for the group. He has also worked with Sonic Youth, another of my fav groups. He has his work in Museum of Modern Art in NY, The Museum of Contemporary Art in LA, and a large collection in the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art.

His work!

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