Steds Meets Damien Hirst

DID this lil trip a while back and have a few shots I thought you kids out there might like to take a look at. I was invited to do a trip and stay at the Hirst household in England. Yeah, you know, "those" Hirsts, the guy who makes diamond skulls and sells them for more money than Buckingham Palace is worth. Awesome.

Below are a few shots from my trip. I wont be holding my breath to be treated this well again either. It was another world these guys live in, and I don't think winning every final on the WCT tour for the next 100 years will get me even close to these guys.

- Steds

We flew in from France on the jet you see in the background, landed in England, then hopped into the dopest chopper in the world that took us to Damien's house. Now this is my kind of commuting, no traffic, no tolls, just headphones and amazing views.

This is a museum that was being built to house all of Damien's works along with some other artists'. We landed and took a tour of the grounds and I was amazed at how big it was. There are some cars parked in the left of this shot, that will give you an idea of how massive this structure is.

This part of the tour was where all of the canvas works are built and stored. I got a lil high off all the fumes that were buzzing around, which made me appreciate all the works just that much more. I would love to have been able to take the big piece with all the polka dots home but I could not fit it in my board bag. Bummer.

Hirst's Polka Dots.

My favourite part of the tour. The Shark Cave. This was all time ...

... I got a first-hand look at the process of what I think is the most radical of Damien's work and also the work that made him famous. There is such a science to making this possible and there is a serious formula to it ...

I loved every minute of it and I did not want to leave. I just walked around like a kid, amazed at what was going on. Radical.

After all the touring we hopped back in the chopper and scooted further down the coast to where the Hirsts live. I saw this lil left and asked if we could do a quick fly by. I was screaming!!!!!!!! How crazy does it look? Guess what, it's in Wales. I was freaking. I had no idea there were good waves in Wales. I had no idea there was even waves in Wales. HA!!
[Ed: is it in Wales? We're not so sure.]

The choppers dropped us off at the Hirst's and this is the first thing I saw: The maddest statue of a gorilla holding a fish...

...I was in hysterics over the statue. It stands at the top of the hill, staring over the house. How fun is it!? I really enjoyed this trip. It was such an experience and I will never forget it.

Damien's wife, Mia, took us for a surf out her local break as she is a super-keen surfer and a good one at that. It was firing; 5ft A-frame peaks up and down the beach. Look at the day: this is not the UK I would say, it's too perfect!