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We are in Sterling's hands for a week which should be interesting. © 2014 nicklavecchia

Sterling is magicseaweed’s guest editor for the week. We thought that perhaps we should ask him a few questions and see what he has planned for a week he’s calling…. In Sterling’s hands.

Sterling, thanks for taking over. How does it feel to be the second guest editor of MSW?

I feel like Gary Elkerton when he won the Stubies Pro in ‘86.

What would you like to see more of on the surfing web? And what do you have planned?

I’d like to see more happiness and less look at me and I don’t know what I’m planning yet. *Except this interview and discussing the death of indie.

Is hipster the same as indie?

NO. Hipsters spend lots of money to have the newest trendiest look.To always have the WHAT’S IN. Indie is short for independent and only legends can really be called indie. It doesn’t matter how you look or anything. It’s about doing what you want and starting things yourself and its only about the love

My name is Sterling Spencer and i’m from Pensacola Florida, The bottom of America. The 3rd coast. My Dad was the Godfather of the Gulf Coast and I am the mixed-up child that is a pro surfer now but doesn’t actually pro surf but people call me the number one surfer of the world and the most famous surfer in the world.

How does, for example, Dane reconcile being sponsored by one of surfing’s big brands and being Indie?

Because he produces everything and does what he wants… 10 years ago everyone had to do karate kicks at photo-shoots.

Tell us little about yourself and where you came from. How does the Gulf Coast define you and your surfing?

My name is Sterling Spencer and I’m from Pensacola Florida, The bottom of America. The 3rd coast. My Dad was the Godfather of the Gulf Coast and I am the mixed-up child that is a pro surfer now but doesn’t actually pro surf, but people call me the number one surfer of the world, and the most famous surfer in the world.

What is your inspiration for pinchmysalt? And where did the Centaur alter-ego come from?

My inspiration for pinchmysalt was the boredom of the surfing world. I was just really bored and I decided I’m just gonna live in a fun world where everyone is a winner. I saw a Centaur (half man/half horse) once when I was 5-years-old and he told me I would never be famous. So my journey has been out to prove him wrong.

Do you think the surf industry can generally be categorised as taking itself a little too seriously?

The surfing world is the silliest little world on the Planet. No one cares about us at all but everyone in it thinks we are the most important people and everyone cares. Did you see John John’s alley-oop? Yeah but does he go well in Hawaii….

If parody defines a maturing genre, then surfing is growing up?

People need to stop trying to make surfing into something it’s not. It’s a action sport that involves dealing with nature. To watch a surf contest is one of the more boring things you can do with your life. Can’t we just accept surfing for what it is and enjoy it?

Have you made up with Jeremy Flores?

Yes, but my neck still hurts though…

In your spoofing, has anyone else ever reacted in similar fashion? 

Ummmm not really, the Jeremy video was literally the first voice over I ever did and the internet was just starting in the surf world so it was really new and no one understood my humour yet and what I’m about. So I’m sure people thought it was attack. But it wasn’t, just a funny video, So now it seems like people expect it…. but I have heard that Laird is looking for me.

If you were forced into eloping with a pro surfer? Who would it be and why? 

Easy… Jordy Smith. He’s a big beautiful animal, like a springbok.

As a pro surfer/raconteur what would be your dream set of sponsors and outlet channel? 

I’m living it!

What’s next for you on the content front? Surf Madness was great, we’ve seen a few shorts here and there…   

Thank you! I’ve got a few projects going. Me and Rob Machado are brewing something. Morgan Maassen and I are working on a project. David Malcolm who I made surf madness with are brewing something as well… So hopefully some more happiness will come out next year.

What are you going to say at your next contract renewal?  

Magicseaweed told me I should be in the top ten highest paid surfers…

You are now in charge of the family business? How’s that going? How has that affected your surfing/work?  

Innerlight surf shops WHOO WHOO! My Uncle Jb and my cousins actually run the shops and I’ve been doing things here and there like the website and online stuff. I live in California so do what I can. Go to innerlightsurf.com

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