SUP world champion Kai Lenny and Legend Robby Naish support UK Paddle

'Joes Banner' has already travelled the equivalent of seven times around the world clocking up 270,000 km. Team Joe are now looking to get the figure up 400,000 km which is the equivalent of travelling from the earth to the moon.

Kai Lenny, a true waterman, from the island of Maui, became a world champion this December. He won the final event of the Stand Up World Tour at Honoli'i Beach Park on the island of Hawaii. Kai's dream became a reality with this contest; winning each heat from beginning to end.

Kai took the banner on a visit to the UK to see Ben Skinner at his surfboard factory where Ben handed over the Joe Way Paddle for life longboard which was donated by his surfboard team

Robby Naish is one of the first athletes to have gained long-lasting international fame in the sport of windsurfing.
As an international sports celebrity, Naish has been featured in numerous films, videos, news reports, and articles. As of 2006, thirty years after his first World Champion title, popular lines of sailboards, sails, and kitesurfing equipment are marketed worldwide under the Naish name.

Joe's small light weight banner has been taken under water, up mountains, out to sea by surfers and strapped to Joe's dad when he did a parachute jump.

Perranporth Signs who where a big sponsor of this year's paddle have just donated more banners which are ready to go global. If you are going away and would like to take part in this challenge, please call Matt Way on 07761079454 to get your banner.

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