Swell Call: Supertubos

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CALLING all surfers, the Rip Curl Pro Search at Supertubos is forecast to pump should local wind conditions allow. A north-west swell forecast to peak at around 16ft at 14 seconds on October 21st and 22nd could well provide classic conditions for The Search, an event which frequently comes up with the goods. Look out for the swell to start to pile in on Wednesday the 21st with perhaps the best conditions being on Thursday 22nd. It will all be decided by a few degrees of north wind, too much west and it will just be molten lumps of slush; just enough north-east and it will keep those gaping left-hand barrels open. Watch this space. 


This is what could happen .. Felix Delanne showing the way © 2014 cedricdebarros.com

Frankly the Billabong Pro Mundaka was somewhat of a disappointment swell-wise and the Quik Pro France was held in small conditions, not really conducive to showcasing the world’s best surfers. Not that this is the event’s fault, in general this has been a pretty dire autumnal season for North Atlantic surfers.

1000mb low

Slotted ... Supertubos Peniche © 2014 cedricdebarros.com

A 1000mb low pressure system with associated winds is starting to form off the coast of the Eastern United States and should, if forecasts hold true, spin across the Atlantic and produce epic conditions from Ireland to North Africa.


Far heavier than it looks ... Felix Delanne © 2014 cedricdebarros.com

It’s a relatively simple picture for North Atlantic surfers, high pressure over the Azores (cunningly named the Azores High) will force low pressure systems north-eastwards up an over Scotland. Unfortunately we cannot all surf Thurso East. Central Europe has been suffering one of the worst autumn seasons on record with low after low being forced north towards Scotland and beyond. This is all about to change.

Keep your eyes on the Supertubos charts HERE.

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