Swell Drenched England with Jobe Harriss

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Jobe Harriss has the spent the past few months cruising around South West England in search of chunky lefthand walls. Here's his take on the winter thus far.

This last month has been completely swell drenched here in Cornwall. Low pressures have been battering us but there's more than a few good reefs which have been getting pretty good. I don't think I actually surfed a beach for the whole of December, which is kind of nuts. The constant barrage of swell has meant my local point has been breaking almost everyday for over a month, which is almost unheard of! So many people jet off to Bali and Hawaii over the winter period and it always makes me so jealous, as it's something that I have never done, but it's winters like this which make staying at home for winter so worth it. If you know where to go then you can get all time waves on your doorstep and there's nothing better than that.

Last year was also a particularly good winter for swell as far as I can remember. Annoyingly, shortly after the release my 2012/13 edit I hurt my ankle pretty bad and was sidelined from early February for 5 months. I missed so many days of good waves and valuable training time for the up coming summer competition season. This year is hopefully turning out to be a different story and I feel like I've properly found my feet again.