The internet seems to have been somewhat flooded with footage from Snapper Rocks over the past week. It's pretty safe to say the Gold Coast has been pumping. With that in mind we put together a homage to this week's action at Snapper. Enjoy!

This first clip provides every possible angle of Snapper firing. Featuring a host of surfing talent from young local star Sheldon Simkus to 1978 World Champion Wayne "Rabbit" Bartholomew. With drone footage, GoPro, underwater shots, and more, you really get to see snapper inside and out.

The Best of Snapper

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This edit from Matt Coleman shows the boys making the most of the leftover swell on August 7th. The Superbank provided clean little barrels and steep sections to work with. Notice the sheer amount of frothing locals and groms in the water hunting for anything going unridden.

This one from the Mad Hueys at the Bank really shows how good Snapper's been, Shaun Harrington with a GoPro in his mouth captures some cracking point of view barrel footage to put you in the moment.