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Doing his best to pop some weather balloons in Basque country shortly after claiming his latest title. © 2014 Joli/WPS

Kelly Slater: For The Love has already crept as high as number 12 on the LA Times’ bestseller list.

And here’s why: it’s the scrapbook of a lifetime, Kelly’s lifetime. A photographic Rorschach test, where pictures from Kelly’s past unlock his memory bank and the champ expands in a series of both spontaneous and meditative responses.

Kelly explains, “This book was first called ‘A Thousand Words’ due to the fact that the pictures tell the story and guided the things I chose to talk about.”

The pictures tell a story of peak athletic moments, of World Titles, of personal growth, but there’s also plenty you might not expect between this book’s snapping covers.

He’s not scared to get his hands dirty with the weighty themes of politics, religion, love and death, nor on the buoyant topics of swimming with a tortoise shell on his back or bodysurfing dolphin-style, ala ‘Don’t Mess With The Zohan’.

At all times he comes across as a guy with a brain, a sense of humour, and a flat-out lust for progression in most facets of his life.

Come and get me... © 2014 Joli/WPS

The paths he’s criss-crossed and intertwined with are also compelling: adventures and lessons learnt through broad friendships, with everyone from Steve Irwin, Eddie Vedder and Pamela Anderson to his old mates from Cocoa Beach, his golf buddies and his billet family in Fiji.

The monstrous undertaking was jigsawed together by Phil Jarratt over two years, so you know it’s sharp, concise and never slips into a bog of sentiment, allowing you to meet the real Kelly; shell collector, race car driver, musician, charity benefactor, golfer, bio-mechanic, surfer.

You need to read it. Buy it by clicking HERE, or stealing it from your nearest library.

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