The Winter Session: December Finalists

The December Winter Session has come to an end, and once again we have to filter out the best two edits from a handsome bunch. Death defying slab sessions were the theme of the festive season, punctuated with some rapid fire airs and a mouthwatering Irish pointbreak, but which two clips merit a place in the final?

We have compiled the edits to see how they compare side by side. The next task is picking two winners, both of which will receive a Nixon watch and a spot in the Winter Session final, placing them one step closer to that Indo boat trip upon the Jiwa.

The six are in order of appearance: No 1. Conor Maguire, No 2. Sandy kerr, No 3. Gearoid McDaid, No 4. Reubyn Ash, No 5. ALex Gray, No 6. Chris Friend.

Dion Agius our Winter Session unofficial style guru says:

"I have chosen number 1 (Conor Maguire) the first crazy fucking left because it's the scariest thing I have ever seen. And also number 4 of Reubyn Ash because I know how hard it is to surf in freezing cold water, especially doing crazy airs. And because it's one surf and he is going bananas, looks like he was really feeling the vibes that session which is epic."

Who do you want to win and why? Be a judge, most insightful comment wins a prize and place on the final judging panel.