The Winter Session February Shortlist

That's it. Entry to The Winter Session has closed for this season. Due to the exceptional standard of this month's entries, we are dishing out four spaces through to the grand final. The arduous task remains of picking them.

During February the Winter Session inbox was inundated with countless megabytes of surfing gold. We've seen broken boards and abandoned jetskis, calming log sessions, swearing Irishmen, a Moroccan bombie, Danish drainers and German riverwaves. Every shade of the European winter has surfaced at some point and surfers of all abilities have given it a shot.

Be a judge. Which four edits do you think deserve to go through? Most insightful comment wins a prize and place on the final judging panel.

1. Ben Skinner 2.Jerome Sahyoun 3. Stevo Kilfeather 4. Andrea Molina 5. Nagai Puntiverio 6. Jobe Harris 7. Jayce Robinson 8. PV Laborde 9. Carlos Burle 10. Peter Conroy 11. Ben Gollow 12. Tom Butler

Our informal style consultant Dion Agius says:

First pick is number 3 – left tubes which look so fun.
Second is number 6 – that has to be the funnest shreddable cold left ever, looks like NZ.
Third is number 7 – some of the best big waves I've ever seen, that last barrel is incredible!
Finally number 12 – that's the scariest wave I've ever seen.